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As our name implies Insight Book Review and Promotion Services are a team with extensive experience in the book reviewing and promoting field in a number of countries around the world. With a combined 28 years in the business we bring collaborative insights to get your book noticed by as many readers as we can, to further the success of your writing career and give you the freedom to put your feet up or continue work on your next writing project.

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Writing a book isn’t easy, anyone who ever tried will testify to that, and after the huge effort to get it completed and then published what happens next? It’s understandable that authors get demoralised when sales may not immediately take off right from launch. Perhaps you managed to get a bunch of reviews, and that’s what everyone says is the golden ticket to the bestsellers charts, but what if you get them and it still doesn’t happen? Having great reviews is only part of the solution. If prospective readers aren’t aware of your book then they won’t ever see your reviews and therefore won’t buy it.  


Maybe you have a website, are blogging, are active on social media, and now are scratching your head as you don’t have pockets deep enough for a marketing budget like those of the big 6 publishing houses. So now where do you turn?


There is a huge market out there, certainly big enough that your book can sit proudly alongside those of the household name authors, and our promotional methods and packages are what lie between where you are now and where you can be.


Fill in the form below today to find out what we can do to make the difference to your book sales and your own successful career as an author.


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